Contract hire
RM Flooring contract trucks

We have a variety of contract hire packages which we have designed to fit your requirements based on our experience over the years of customer needs.

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The following benefits apply to all of our Contract Hire packages

  • A choice of vehicle that is specific to your requirements including bespoke body manufacture
  • Road Fund Licence for the term
  • No capital outlay
  • Known fixed costs
  • Vehicles remain off balance sheets for the hirer
  • Rentals are treated as costs in the Profit & Loss account

Contract Vehicle hire in Devon

Our contract vehicle hire service allows accurate forecasting of costs so there’s never any nasty surprises.

Maintenance and servicing can be included in our packages, as can 24 hour breakdown cover, tyres, sign writing, MOTs, ministry inspections, and replacement vehicles if required. All you need to worry about is the insurance and any damage to the vehicles should it occur.

The Benefits to you of contract hire

Contract hire is becoming increasingly popular as companies are opting to put their capital into mainstream activities.

Contract hire removes the extra expense of ownership, as it’s all covered in our service at a fixed price.

Other benefits:

  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Off balance-sheet funding
  • Optimum cash flow
  • No risk on disposal
  • No risk on maintenance
  • Reduce management and administrative burden
  • VAT efficiency
  • Corporation Tax efficiency
RM Flooring contract trucks
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